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1.1 All payments are made in GBP through using PayPal LTD.

1.2 Paypal receipts serve as confirmation of payments received

1.3 If a service has not been fully paid for it should be assumed by the buyer that no contractual agreement has been made.

1.4 Bridal makeup must be included in all wedding day bookings.

1.5 Once purchased, the maintenance of any product is the buyers responsibility. 

1.6 Monetary refunds will be issued directly by PayPal Ltd only. 

1.7 Holding deposits are non-refundable.

1.8 Services will not be completed if any payment is outstanding.

1.9 Once payment is made the buyer has agreed to the full list of terms & conditions.



2.1 Availability should be confirmed before booking

2.2 Retouched mages will be emailed within 5 working days of their request for up to 10 images.

2.3 5 Retouched images (studio) & 15 (location) are included, additional images will be charged at £20 per image for download with the exception of event/wedding photography where images are included. 

2.4 Images not purchased within 14 days will not be stored for purchase at a later date.

2.5 All images remain the intellectual property of Malkia Roberts until the service is paid for in full, the image rights are retained following this.

2.6 Un-retouched images will not be shared unless on a Contact Sheet

2.7 Images on this site are the property of Malkia Roberts Ltd and are not to be reproduced without permission.

2.8 Studio photography will be restricted to portraits.



3.1 Unless a separate agreement independent of Malkia Roberts has been entered – images are shared at the discretion of Malkia Roberts.

3.2 All images remain the intellectual property of Malkia Roberts unless purchased.

3.3 It is the responsibility of the client to ensure she/he has an adequate record through images or other means of the consultation.

3.4 Images and photography are complimentary and not guaranteed for consultations.



4.1 The work and conduct of assistants with regard to contractual fulfilment are the responsibility of Malkia Roberts.

4.2 Where a contract has been entered using an artist or stylist representing Malkia Roberts – the client agrees that they are satisfied with the standard of that individual’s work.

4.3 All communication with representatives where possible should be made in writing to allow regulation by Malkia Roberts.

4.4 All payments are made to Malkia Roberts. Where money is exchanged by other means – any contract and protection with and by Malkia Roberts and Malkia Roberts Ltd becomes void.

4.6 Where a client is represented by a third party, all correspondence from this third party must be in writing that evidences the client's receipt of the same correspondence.



5.1 It is the client's responsibility to ensure they have made all communication via email.

5.2 The only true prices are those listed on this site.

5.3 Communication via any platforms that are not written emails do not reflect an agreement.


6.1 For wedding bookings travel within the United Kingdom will be calculated by equalling the value of the dearest standard class anytime day return to the nearest station (min £40) from zone 1. 

6.2 (Excluding wedding bookings) Where an on-site service is required, a fixed travel fee of £30 will be charged.

6.3 International weddings will incur the charge of:

         Flight (outbound & inbound),

         A check-in bag (outbound & inbound)

         Transfers to & from airports (taxi only when abroad), transfers to and from venues.

         International taxi transfers will need to be booked and paid for, where this is not possible £150 will be added to the balance

         Daily £40 expenses (excluding day of wedding)


6.4 Flights that land or depart from London between 22:00 & 12:00 will incur a taxi transfer fee.


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