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Smokey Eye

Smokey is the opposite to a bright eye (last image) contrary to what most think, it often looks more natural than a bright eye because around our eyes tends to be slightly darker & therefore a smokey eye works with the natural tones in our skin.

Matte Lips

A major trend from last year. For bright colours and reds, a matte lip looks more demure. Be wary of going matte with a natural lip colour - it often photographs quite dry & on your day, matte lipsticks can dry out your lips so exfoliate and moisturise them well before.

Clear Waterline

Cut crease

Natural Makeup

Mink Lashes

Winged liner

Bright Eye

Graduated Eye

For smaller eyes. A dark liner on your under-eye can make them appear smaller. If you have several lines under your eye this is a good option as a pencilled waterline draws attention to the lines and often bleeds into them

A cut crease works best with deep set eyes. It works by applying a darker eyeshadow shade to the crease of the eyelid.

The opposite to a cut-crease. A graduated eye is simply eyeshadow blended from the outer corners (darker) towards the centre without defining the crease.

If you want "natural" makeup, think about what that means to you. Natural makeup is often an undefined brow, light coverage foundation, natural lashes and a lip tint. This look in my opinion does not work for a wedding & I often point out that nothing on my portfolio has this look, all brides & models have full coverage foundation, strip lash extensions and defined brows. This is because I shoot using an SLR as your photographer will & without full makeup, it's easy to look washed out, bland & 8 hours later on your wedding day your face may start to look tired. Don't be scared of makeup, opt for an 'understated' look & trust your artist.

When first applied it may feel like you're blinking with weights on your lids, but your eyes adjust & you forget about them. Mink lashes are fuller than the natural lashes I use on the trial but look amazing. Individual lashes often look great with your daily makeup look but can be a little too natural for your wedding day.

It's an option that you either love or hate.

A bright eye is more stand out than any other look. It is the opposite to a smokey eye and often works with golds, silvers, pinks or pearls as the main eyeshadow colour.

None of these are my images, I have used some of the most frequently pinned images in bride's makeup boards...this is the only page on the site without my images.

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