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Ballet occupies a unique position because it can be seen as an enclave of whiteness and privilege while the movement it authors is a colourblind art. The tulle that decorates dancers is delicate in appearance but also strong...the paradoxes are endless with ballet, it serves as a space where race, gender and sexuality can interrupt reductionism.

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The beauty of African fashion is often illustrated in prints, bold colours, strong lines and audacious beading. It occupies a unique space that is neither in opposition to nor reflective of luxury, while permeating haute couture with a censored influence. Satin has become wildly available since its early exclusive use by aristocracy, it nevertheless remains associated with luxury; used in many East African traditional dresses. This series aims to marry two concepts; ‘Africa’ and luxury as intricately bound. Sun kissed skin seamlessly flows into the satin; a continuation and marriage of African luxury underpins this piece.

the Satin Nile

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